Monday, September 21, 2009

stART on the Street: The Tammy Thorpe Edition

When you think of Worcester you probably don't think of a rich cultural art friendly city. After attending stART on the Street for the 3rd year, I'd say that stereotype is wrong.

stART on the Street is one of the more diverse craft fairs I've ever attended. Every artistic medium was represented there, including one that is near and dear to my heart, home sewn bags, aprons, and accessories. I checked out every booth and after walking around the entire fair I came upon a familiar face: Tammy Thorpe.

Tammy's booth looked the best yet... Her bold patterns and cute styles were a fair standout. She has something for everyone... yoga mat bags, totebags and handbags of all shapes and sizes, toiletry bags (and my personal fav - the wristlet) all beautifully sewn and of her own design.

Tammy is also just getting started on Etsy and you can purchase some of her great items here:

Check back in to Tammy's Etsy shop often as I have insider information that the shop will soon be growing. And trust me when I say that while using a Tammy Thorpe product, you will get nothing but compliments. I should know - I'm not only a blogger, I'm also a client.