Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cynthia Treen's baby quilt

One of my best friends from high school just adopted a beautiful baby boy from Taiwan. After the months long process (with two trips to Taiwan), they brought him home to Boston at the end of September. It must be so amazing--you go somewhere and get to meet your child and spend some time with him/her, and then you have to leave and come home and wait while lawyers, etc work out all of the details and just wait for the call. And then that second trip must be even more incredible--you leave home as two and return as three! That flight home must be just amazing.

We're going to her baby shower this weekend, and I just finished making a baby quilt for them from Cynthia Treen's Last Minute Fabric Gifts. One of my other favorite sewing projects (cotton knit animals) also came from this book.
I really like the book--it's organized in sections--less than one hour gifts, one-to-two hour gifts, two-to-three hour gifts, and more than three hour gifts. There are also a lot of sewing hints and tips in the front and back of the book that would probably be very helpful if I would take the time to read them!

For the quilt, I tried to pick colors that would be good for a baby, but also wouldn't seem too babyish. I wandered the crowded aisles of Sewfisticated until I found fabrics that seemed like they would work well together. Here's the quilt: