Monday, January 18, 2010

More baby crafts?

It seems either we have gotten to the age where the only thing to do is have babies or there just happens to be a baby surge right now. I promise we'll have some adult related crafts to post about soon!

I went to a baby shower yesterday for an ex-coworker. I know her well enough to know she's very specific and meticulous so I didn't want to make anything to ornate or something that wouldn't match her nursery. Also she's not finding out the gender of the baby so I had to find something gender nuetral as well. I bought a few things off her registry but wanted to add a few personal touches.

So I choose to make this baby hat:

Also some very crafty women that I work for make and sell their crafts. They just started to add burp clothes and bibs to their inventory so I added those into the gift basket. Everything was a success. Except for the fact that me and a 75 year old woman were the only ones who handmade something. I wonder if that makes me on the cutting edge or really old fashioned...