Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing Says I Love You Like Handmade

Let's get one thing straight: I do not love love. Nor do I love Valentines Day, a materialistic sickeningly sweet concoction invented by Hallmark to chase away the winter doldrums. However since having kids I have tried to feign excitement and of course if crafting is involved, I'm glad to participate.

Last weekend I made Valentines with the kids to bring to school. I did a little prep before hand by cutting out appropriately sized cardstock and stamping the names of each kid on the envelope. Then the kids used a new heart shaped punch which they enjoyed immensely, and I had them hand write their own names on the cards. Glitter and stickers were copiously applied. All in all it wasn't too bad pulling together 34 total valentines between two four year olds.

Last week we placed the cards along with homemade sugar cookies in each kids' basket at school. Tomorrow we get to pick up our baskets and see what we got. I have already decided that I will leaf through the Valentines and if any are handmade I will make it my priority to befriend that kids' mother(s). What do you think the chances are that any of those valentines will be anything other than an overpriced store-bought character plastered piece of garbage that the mother wrote the names on??? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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