Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Build a Birthday Party

There are few things I enjoy more than throwing my twins a birthday party. Picking a theme, handmaking decorations, and having family over to celebrate another passing year has grown to be one of the best coping mechanisms to get through these long New England winters.

Every party starts with a theme. This year was the first time the kids chose for themselves: The Lorax. Perfectly non-conventional for me! I used a board on Pinterest (have you used it? omg it's my most favorite internet invention ever! go there!) to compile inspiration shots from around the web. I was amazed by what I accomplished with a limited budget. Using supplies I already had combined with a few purchases from the dollar store we were able to create a fantastical day!

Handcut Birthday Banner from scrapbook paper, held together with crocheted cotton.

Paper streamers. I was inspired by Erin's Lemon & Lime Shower and will now make these for every event I host! So simple, cut 1 inch strips of 12x12 scrapbook paper, sew together in seconds! Tissue "Truffula Trees" tutorial by the great Martha Stewart.

I handcrafted a dozen unique headbands. Headbands are a staple at our birthday parties. These had butterflies, birds, and feathers. They were probably my favorite part in creation and execution!

Of course, paper crowns for the kids. Which they typically wear for around five minutes, but I can't let go of it!

Hand-drawn Lorax overlooking the gifts. Heard a tip that the Dollar Tree sells $1 foam board. Good deal!

And finally the favors - packets of "Truffula Seeds" with the kids picture. You know how I feel about weddings, but there are few better sites for DIY party flair goodness than Style Me Pretty. A quick search brought me right to this tutorial, with free template. Maybe weddings aren't so bad afterall!

And of course, we had a great time!! Happy 4, E&O.

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