Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafts With Kids: Contact Paper

In my crafting cabinet, one of my absolute favorite supplies that I return to is the roll of contact paper. A gift from a nanny several years back, this one role has taken two kids through several seasons of nature walk collections and stained glass artwork. Kids of virtually any age will enjoy placing things on the sticky paper. And as they get older the projects can evolve, like this one where we shared in the responsibility of cutting out shapes and then arranging them on the taped up contact paper, using our dining room windows as our easel.


  1. love it! how does this work? where do you get it?

  2. It can be tricky and I don't know where my nanny found it but I'm sure ACMoore carries it (or Michaels)

    It's sticky on one side. So you peel the backing off and the I always tape it down, to a table or in the case the window, with the sticky side UP so that the kids can stick things to it.

    When they are done, I peel the backing off another sheet and stick that with the two sticky sides together. You end up with something that feels laminated.