Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I laughed. I cried. I screamed. And then I sewed some binding.

The Single Girl Quilt. Remember it?

Well I finished. Months after the wedding, even months after the newlyweds flew back from their honeymood and hosted their first major holiday together. I finished it.

This quilt presented a few unique challenges. Of course there were the massive quantities of tiny shapes I had to first cut, and then sew together. I didn't find that part overly challenging, nor did I fuss too much about perfection (that's just not me, and to me, perfection just is not handmade). The real trial came when I had to quilt a queen sized quilt. I just had not anticipated the challenge I would encounter trying to lay such a large piece of quilted fabric flat on top of batting and backing. And then quilting it. Don't get me started. Shoving that giant roll into my tiny machine was not working. Even a larger, borrowed machine barely did the trick.

But in the end I was proud of pulling it together. This is by far the most ambitious quilting project I have ever taken on. I cried a few tears the day I had to give it away. But maybe someday, someday far from now, I will venture to make one again. But next time, I'm keeping it.

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