Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sewing Necklaces

Tomorrow is my birthday, and since I am having a serious wardrobe issue (or lack of wardrobe issue?) I felt the need to make myself a new accessory to compliment the rather bland ensemble I have laid out for the special day. Being that I am also poor (the reason for my wardrobe issues) I had to use supplies that I already owned. Luckily this never seems to be much of a problem.

I dug up an old fat quarter from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market Collection. I found some wooden balls rolling around in the bottom of one of my art room drawers, and recalled a free pattern Amy Butler had put out a few years back for a fabric necklace. And voila, a necklace was born in about an hour.

It really was that simple. Being that I never like to follow directions, I barely referenced the pattern and just plowed ahead using what I had. The wooden balls were 3/4", so I cut my bias strips at 3" and called it a day. I added balls and knots until it felt right. I debated a double width necklace but it seemed more suggestive of Mardi Gras than stylish crafster, so I went with a long single strand. I whip stitched the ends together (I could have tied a bow, but I'm not into bows) and there you have it.


  1. these are selling for $22 on etsy, btw.

  2. fabulous! and yes i've seen them on etsy for even more $$ - you should try to peddle 'em! Happy Birthday :)