Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yo yo ma

I was recently introduced to the addictive art of making yo yos. I promptly gathered all my scraps and recreated this. It's just the first of many necklaces and other projects I hope to create with my newly obtained skill. I am dreaming of all the uses for these little beauties...

In other news our knitting triangle has suffered a great hit... Kristen has left our glorious Bay State for the suburbs of Connecticut. I am hoping she will continue to contribute to the blog... and the remaining members (me and Em) will hold our first meeting of the knitting line tomorrow.

I also have two new knitting projects I hope to get up here soon...

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  1. PS yo-yo necklaces like this are on all over etsy ($40ish). i'm voting for a Knitting Triangle Shop to open soon :)