Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Wreath

I am a chronic early decorator for the holidays. I took out my Easter decorations about two weeks ago. After decorating my apartment it still lacked spring cheer (especially after being covered in hearts) and the one big thing I was missing was a wreath. I contemplated making one out of blown out eggs but after a few disastrous tries last year I decided I needed to take another route.

After an extensive internet search I came upon a silk flower wreath. I've always hated fake flowers but I decided to channel my grandmother's love of decorating with artificial flowers and headed to my local craft to pick up my supplies. And I came upon one realization: fake flowers are really expensive. So I left empty handed. Fast forward to a few days later and a trip to the dollar store and I was well equipped to make the wreath

And I made it for a whopping $6. And it's pretty cool. How can you go wrong with 2 for $1 glitter egg and bunnies? All you need is a foam ring and fake flowers that are on wire stems. Cut the wire stems about 2" and just stick them in as you see fit.


  1. hey this is great! love the COLOR and glitter eggs...! i think i'll make one, i need some spring cheer :D

  2. i passed on a Lovely Blogger award to you because i heart your creations!