Thursday, April 8, 2010

Craft independent

I have a few great yarn stores in my area that I very rarely visit. But a few months ago, that all changed. It dawned on me that I should be supporting my local indie craft stores so I have sworn off getting any knitting supplies from those giant chain stores (ok, I still go to Joann Fabrics everyday on my lunch break but it's a start). I discovered this great website Knitmap a year or two again. I use it from time to time, generally to find yarn stores in places I'm going to travel to (and then never visit, like the extensive research I did on yarn stores in Boulder and then visited none of them).

So really what I'm trying to say here is to try to go to these little yarn stores because you never know what you may find. I visited my local yarn store a few weeks ago only to find a buy one, get one free sale. And this goes for more than just yarn stores, websites to help you find independent craft stores are popping over all over the place (like here). Em also wrote a great post awhile back about shopping locally too.

I've also sworn off Dunkin Donuts but that's another post for another time...

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  1. YES! support those little businesses! love it, i've been trying to avoid joann's too...but sometimes i cant resist ;)