Monday, February 22, 2010


I acquired a beautiful pair of clip-on earrings a few years ago. I have been holding on to them looking for the best way to showcase them. Last week I went to Sweet Beads in Lexington before meeting some friends for dinner (we ate at Nourish. Go. It's SO good). While perusing the samples looking for inspiration I saw what I've been waiting for... a beautiful necklace with a bold centerpiece - an old clip-on earring. A lightbulb went off and my head and I have been dying to make my own version of this necklace since.

I poured over the beads today at my local bead store looking for something that would go with these lovely clip-on earrings. I left with two strands of purple pearls and a few purple crystals. I ran straight to my art desk upon entering my apartment and instantly got to work. I kept laying out all these options but nothing seemed right. It then dawned on me to take apart the other earring and use those beads in the necklace. And then it just all came together.

To get the necklace started I removed the clip on the back and bent down the attachment. I strung the wire through the holes in the back and used a crimp bead to keep everything together.

I will definitely be scouring the tag sales this summer for more clip-on earrings!


  1. i want one. it is beautiful!! i love the pearls!!

  2. i am totally going to do this! thanks for the great idea!