Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart Craft Day #12: Papercraft Gift Boxes

Auntie Steph came by the other day with Valentines for the kids that she had purchased at a craft fair in Connecticut. The kids loved the chocolate inside but I was more interested in the construction of the cute gift boxes. So I deconstructed the pattern and began building some of my own. Let me tell you - it was addicting!

The pattern is a rectangle, with strategic folds and holes punched at the top. I cut out hearts and stamped the initials of my coworkers onto them, and stamped a little message wishing them a Happy Valentines Day. Some ribbon and red fasteners and voila, little valentine boxes to fill with chocolate!

What I love the most about these is the versatility of the pattern - I could imagine them as favors for anything from a baby shower to a wedding, depending on the fanciness of the supplies. Lucky for me I was able to construct these purely from things I already had around the house!

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