Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Craft Day #14: Pancakes

Happy Valentine's Day!! This completes my 14 (well 13 because I skipped yesterday...) days of heart crafts.

This morning I made my Valentine heart shaped pancakes. I looked up some various ways to do this and came up with two: use a heart shaped cookie cutter, pour the batter in and once the pancake starts to cook a little you remove the cookie cutter. The other way is to put the batter in a ziploc bag, cut the tip and freehand draw hearts in the pan. I tried the cookie cutter method and wasn't crazy about it. The cookie cutters got very hot and since I'm impatient I removed the cookie cutter too soon and got a blob. I suggest the ziploc bag method. A lovely way to start off Valentine's Day!


  1. mmm, pancakes!
    your presentation is stellar...
    happy vday!..see ya soon :D

  2. i have an actual heart-shaped pancake/egg mold (it has a handle so you don't burn yourself), but I have never gotten it to actually work right!