Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heart Ornaments

So, first off, I'm going to admit that my apartment has been fully decorated for Valentine's Day for at least a week (or two). I will also admit that half the crafts I did for the blog last year stayed up all year round. I am a full fledged lover of hearts and am always on the hunt for heart related crafts, no matter what time of year it is. I came across this picture in my scouring of the Internet for heart crafts. It was just a photo for inspiration and most of the other links don't work so I decided to just get to work.

I figured Heat and Bond would be the neatest and easiest way to make these. It keeps the fabric from fraying and if you want, there could be no sewing involved. I cut two squares of fabric and a square of Heat and Bond a little smaller (you don't want this stuff stuck to your iron!). I ironed the fusible to one piece of fabric, peeled off the paper, and ironed it to my other square. I then pinned my heart template down and cut it out.

I then stitched around my heart, glued on some ribbon and a button and hung with care. I made one without sewing around the heart and it worked fine but did curl a little at the round parts of the heart. So here are the finished products:


  1. i love your heart crafts! any ideas for a valentine's wreath? i made the martha stewart red pistachio wreath one year, but it was a big mess that stained my hands red and burned me with hot glue.

  2. I made a super cute yoyo wreath for work that I have to post... stay tuned!