Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas quilt

As soon as I saw the alphabet quilt in Stitch Magazine, I knew I had to make it for one of my favorite babies. The goal was to make it as her Christmas gift, which was slightly ambitious seeing as I was pregnant (read: tired) and had never actually made a quilt before. But it looked simple enough (usually the kiss of death for my craft projects) and used a lot of felt, which I feel relatively comfortable with.

The boxes and letters are cut out of wool felt--it's softer than regular felt that I have seen at craft stores. I was also able to buy it online in portions of yards so I was able to cut out some of the bigger letters and squares. First I sewed the letters onto the squares and then I used iron-on fusible web to stick the squares to the quilt top.

Here's the quilt all laid out and pinned up in front of the Christmas tree. I probably checked the order of the letters 25 times just to be sure.

I worked on the quilt slowly over the past couple of months and finished it on Christmas Eve--just in time! It's definitely not perfect, but for my first actual quilt, I feel like it came out pretty well. I can't wait to give it to h!

Here's the finished quilt with a peek at the comfy flannel backing...just don't look too closely at that mitered corner:

Wrapped and ready to go!

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