Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Flowers

I think these flowers are a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring. You can use them to decorate or glue a pinback on the back to create a bright accessory. Pick out your most colorful fun scraps and get sewing! 1) Cut five 5" squares and one 3” in diameter circle (or two if you want to make your flower double sided). Press. 2) Overlap the five triangles and run a strong thread along the bottom raw edges. Form a ring and end thread. 3) Fold over edges on circle and do a running stitch along folded edge. Pull gathering thread and stuff. This is the same technique as making a yo yo. 4) Stitch stuffed circle to flower, hiding the raw edges of both. Tie off to secure. 5) There are a few ways to finish the back of the flower. If you want a double sided flower, make another stuffed circle and stitch on to hide all raw edges. If not, finish the under side off by gluing or stitching a piece of felt on the back or use a piece of self and stitch down like I did. If you want to turn this into a pin or hairpiece, just glue your hardware to the back. Sorry the pictures aren't that great. But trust me, these are super cute and very versatile!

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  1. these would be so cute on a stretchy headband.