Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Granny Chic Pillows

There's nothing quite like finishing up a handmade project and having your manfriend say "that's awesome, it would look great on my grandmother's couch."

But after such a project, you'd kind of have to accept that. And understand that it's a typical reaction to the re-emergence of granny chic. I am a lover of the process of crochet, but less a lover of the look. I would never wear something I crocheted (I did make a sweater back in college- total fail) and I don't like the look of granny square vests/skirts/etc. But for the home, I think there is something so cozy about the look of crochet work, particularly granny squares (I'd be embarrassed to admit how many granny afghans I actually own)

I could crochet grannies all day and night, but I was looking for something a little different. And I was looking to use some circular pillow inserts I've had laying around.

Enter Sarah London. While she may not agree with me about granny fashion, we certainly see eye to eye in color and home dec. Her blog inspires me to pick up the hook every day, and that is where I found the delightful pattern for these crocheted pillows which now adorn the children's beds. Aptly named Mabel, this project makes quick work of the yarn scraps you have laying around. This is a perfect chance to go wild with the color combinations - in fact the wilder the better I think! And of course the kids love them! And really, what's not to love.

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  1. Those pillows look amazing! As usual you did an amazing job. I love them. I agree in regards to the cozy feel it brings to a home. I heard about the Mabel project and saw pictures of the entire bus covered in beautiful crochet yarn, I think in Mexico. Thanks so much for sharing these!!