Friday, November 20, 2009

poinsettia wreath kit

Oh, Martha... I stumbled on a Martha Stewart poinsettia wreath kit at ACMoore last week, and debated buying it before talking myself out of it and leaving the store. I kept thinking about it, so went back to get three of them (the whole triangle needed one, obviously!) today and I'm pretty excited about it! I can't tell from the package how annoying it's going to be to make, but I'll keep you posted.

After a Greek feast of falafel, stuffed grape leaves, olives, and eggplant salad, the Knitting Triangle started working on the poinsettia wreaths. I'll be honest--there was some initial disappointment and concern when we opened the packages to find that lazy old Martha hadn't pre-cut the crepe paper for us. But baklava kept us going and we went ahead and wrapped the wreath shape with green crepe paper (while complaining that Martha could have given us a few extra inches of the paper so it wouldn't take three attempts to cover the white foam), cut out stacks of red and pink crepe paper into the poinsettia flower petals, and green leaves. For me, everything was going along fine and I was happy with the way the wreath was coming out until I got to what Martha refers to as "pips" (otherwise known as the little centers of the poinsettia flowers). These are tiny white pom poms that MS wants you to cover in crepe paper and then twist into little balls. Um. No thanks. I just went with the white pom poms and forgot about the colored centers.

Here it is hanging on the inside of my front door, looking very fun and Christmasy:


  1. this is by far the most exciting thing to happen to me today. thanks emma!

  2. Well I am still finishing up my kit and let me tell you, it has been a pain! The instructions are sparse, you do way more work than necessary, and the pips at the end are the most aggravating thing ever. I decided to scrap the cotton balls and just make pips with paper instead. I hope you had a better time than me! I expected better out of Queen Martha...

  3. I skipped the pips all together and just glued on the little cotton balls--I think it looks super cute!