Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adventures of Apartment Decorating

Now that I'm unpacked (mostly) in my new apartment it's time to start decorating. There's much to do... hang pictures, make curtains, buy chairs for my kitchen table...

While packing I came across my wall calendar from 2008. Each month was a new vintage wine poster and I bought it with the intention of someday framing and displaying them somewhere. And that day was today.

I went to Michaels during my lunch break today and found packages of (2) 11 x 14 frames for $7. A steal. I purchased what I needed and picked out my favorite prints from the calendar.

The prints were 10 x 14 so I just cut strips from some scrapbooking paper and used my trusty glue stick to remedy the problem. I think they look pretty cool. It's a great cheap way to recycle and decorate.

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