Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project Completed

I'd like to start off by saying that there is nothing better than wearing a pair of handmade socks on a cold day.

With that being said, I started a pair of socks in late March that were still unfinished as of a few days ago. I went to my local yarn store looking for something that stood out and I stumbled on Noro Sock yarn. The colors are bright and the combinations are lovely. The yarn was a big pricey but I decided to treat myself.

I searched around the internet looking for a pattern and came across a few reviews of the yarn. Most people were unhappy that the yarn became chunky in areas but I must say it didn't bother me. I think it adds a bit of character and I'm far from a perfectionist (as evidenced by the sock colorway not matching). What I was disappointed in was, getting down to the last few inches of my second sock, I found the yarn was knotted. I had to cut the knots out in a few parts and tie the yarn back together. My least favorite thing is finding your yarn is all tangled, especially when you dropped $15 on a skein.

Otherwise I'm very happy with how the socks came and am even more happier to have finished the long outstanding project. I will admit that I am not rushing to make another pair anytime soon, although the technique of knitting two socks on one needle could be enough to get me back on the sock making horse.


  1. i LOVE these. what pattern did you use?? it might be time to knit myself a pair of socks. i don't understand how some bloggers seem to just knit millions of pairs of socks...i am more of a one-pair-per-year kind of gal.

  2. I found the pattern so long ago, I'm not sure where I found it. I don't understand how people can pump out socks either... I'm up to 2 pair this year and am actually itching to start another pair.

  3. did you make two on one needle? i need to try to make socks again. i still have one half-finished one on needles, but the thought of going back to it makes me queasy.