Friday, October 9, 2009

carefree crafting with kids

crafting away
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There is something so incredibly freeing about crafting with kids. This week I joined forces with the toddlers on making Halloween cards. I set the table with blank orange cards, ghost stamps and ink, sparkly glitter glue, and plenty of stickers. The kids went wild stamping, glittering and sticking all over the place. After they went to sleep I collected the cards and added my own finishing touches - stamping Happy Halloween across the front and adding some glitter of my own. (You really never can have enough glitter)

In this collaborative process I found myself truly enjoying what I was doing, just the pure craft of it. Since the cards were already pretty crazy and messy, I wasn't worried about design or perfection, it was more about the act of making. I found myself adopting the same abandon that the kids seem to have - creating for the sake of creating, piling on the decorations, and just having fun. These cards were created not with skill or fancy materials, but really just with love for the people we are sending them to, and pure creative fun.

If you find yourself in a crafting rut where you are afraid to take on any new projects because nothing you make ever seems quite right, I highly suggest engaging in a creative project with a young child. You'll be reminded of why you ever started making things by hand in the first place.

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